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nyc_shopping's Journal

New York, New York
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All Members , Moderated
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..A community dedicated to shopping (for anything) in New York City!
Here, you can post:
1. Information about stores
2. Pictures of purchases or descriptions of purchases
3. Questions regarding shopping
4. Recommendations
5. Links to related websites
...anything else related to shopping in New York City

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1. PLEASE no drama!! save that for your own journal
2. please make all posts *friends only*.. we have open membership so just join the community to read the posts!
3. no question is a stupid question so don't feel embarassed to ask anything and don't make anyone feel bad for their question
4. any problems should be reported to your mods: emma thismagicknife and jenna lilmissjenna
5. please do not post links to auctions or anything you are selling.. there are other communities for that (your post will be deleted if you decide to break this rule)
6. please no promos!!
7. have fun!!

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more to come!

check out our affiliate!!

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