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I'm looking for cheap gift boxes, that don't look like they come from Michael's craft store and aren't as expensive as the container store. Colored bakery boxes would do - where can I get something like that?


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Where can I find/get cute flats in Manhattan stores like the ones they sell at Delia's.com?
(Preferably ones that are under $90 and are comfortable, cause all of Steve Madden's flats give me blisters.)
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puppy stores?

where in manhattan can my friend and i go to play with puppies?
we just want to pet some cute animals today - we're not buying.
soo, where do they sell puppies in manhattan?
thanks for any help!
bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]

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Is Collapse ) a cashmere (pashmina) scarf that the people sell on the streets in the city? I want one...but I can't seem to find them anywhere. It's times when I don't want them, I know where they are. =\
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